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The 2020 Epsom Derby in review

epsom derby - The 2020 Epsom Derby in review

The 2020 Epsom Derby In Review – How Has The Pandemic Affected The Derby And More

The 2020 Epsom Derby or Investec Derby as it’s also known was the 241st consecutive time the event was run. Horses, jockeys, trainers and owners alike flocked from every corner of the country to compete for what has been dubbed for many a year as one of the most prestigious flat races in the world. The horses were meant come out of the blocks on the 6th of June 2020 however due to the ever-present difficulties of the COVID19 pandemic it was postponed and eventually a little under a month after on the 4th of July 2020. We’ll be going over some of the Investec Derby’s facts and figures not to mention this year’s winner. If you want to find our more about the history racecourse and it’s importance to horse racing the British Racecourse’s guide to Epsom is a fantastic resource.

The race’s build-up consisted of 356 entries when they were announced in December 2018, which was in increase of 18 when placed next to the 2019 race that happened only 6 months after. Notable entries consisted of Godolphin organisation which had paid for and entered 12 horses. A grand 75 entries were made by the Coolmore Stud organisation, one of the most prolific breeding programmes based in Tipperary, Ireland. Wealthy and royal Saudi Magnate Khalid ibn Abdullah arrived with a cool 16 entries to the 2020 derby and one of the most lucrative winning owners Aga Khan IV made his indentation on the entries with 19 entries in the hopes of achieving a 6th win at the Investec Derby. Finally, the Queen Elizabeth II also participated in the entries and entered 5 horses. Wild-Card entries are gained by two horses, one entry for the winner of the prior Epsom Derby and one for the winner of the 2020 Blue Riband Trial Stakes. Grand Rock won the September 2019 race to claim the first wild card entry, trained by William Haggas. And there was no winner of the Blue Riband Trial Stakes due to, once again, the Coronavirus pandemic and it’s severity within the United Kingdom where it was hosted.

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The Event was close to maintaining its cancelled status however except for a significant amount of reshuffling and limitations it was given the all-clear. This involved placing the Dante Stakes after the Derby when in fact the typical timeline places the event before the Investec. Furthermore, the Kind Edward VII Stakes typically run after the Surrey-based Derby however this was utilised as a trial event to if any damaging circumstances were faced concerning the health of the greater public. The race eventually took place on the 4th of July however the atmosphere would have almost certainly been of a different nature as the general public were not allowed to join and spectate the event, the race’s entirety was ‘behind closed doors.’

The initial entries in excess of 200 became null and void after the initial cancellation of the derby and were all refunded. Once the event was given the go-ahead on the 28th of June 2020, the organisers could only collect 17 entries. Of these 17 entries only one could not be declared fit for the race, one horse named Armoury, trained by Aidan O-Brien. The race ended with Serpentine taking the win with 5½ lengths between the next competitors and in a time of 2 minutes 34.43 seconds at 25/1 odds. This horse was being ridden by Emmet McNamara and it was one under the pupillage of Aidan O’Brien who in fact had 6 horses within the race, one of which in fact came third. Amhran Na Bhfiann was being ridden by William Buick finished ½ a length behind second place Khalifa Sat, ridden by Tom Marquand providing Aidan O’Brien with both he Gold and the Bronze medal of the race as a trainer.

The 2021 Epsom Derby is surrounded by speculation as to whether it will go ahead due to the same unprecedented circumstances of the Coronavirus Pandemic. However a date has in fact been set in hopes that the pandemic will have been reduced to allow not only horses and jockeys to race but also for trainers and owners to watch on eagerly hoping for the win, not to mention the deafening noise and unmissable atmosphere the general public possess and provide to one of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious racing events.

Partner Up with The Top 6 NFL Sports Betting Sites You Have to Give a Shot


As passionate online sports bettors, we’re always on the lookout for the latest and greatest sports betting sites. We also see to it that sites we frequent are on par with legislation in every single way. Thanks to the possible legalization of sports betting in all the states, you won’t have to worry about breaking any laws when betting on your NFL team.

While sports agents may team up with other partners to ensure clients can enjoy a successful career, you should also decide who you should partner up with in betting. In this post we highlight some of our favorite online NFL betting sites, all legal and ready for you to start placing bets.

1. William Hill

This UK-based online casino is well-known for great bonuses and reward programs. Not to mention the rewarding NFL betting offers by the bookmaker. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and offers new signups $30 in free bets.

You’ll also be treated to live and in-play betting, access to real-time sporting events as well as a live casino.

2. Bet365

With one of the world’s most engaging mobile platforms, Bet365 has loads to offer any sports betting fanatic out there. Even though you can’t expect a signup bonus when joining, your wagering experience overall will be reward enough.

football player - Partner Up with The Top 6 NFL Sports Betting Sites You Have to Give a Shot

With the best in-play betting software out there, you can wager and win on NFL matches as they happen when betting with Bet365.

3. BetOnline

You can expect nothing but the best in service when signing up with BetOnline. The Panama-based site offers bettors from anywhere in the world engaging betting experiences and a very handsome signup bonus. You’ll get 50% free play when you create your account.

You can also expect more rewards and a wide variety of payment and deposit options. Not to mention customer care is always ready to assist.

4. 888Sport

For the full house in bonuses, banking options and service, look no further than 888Sport. The company is based in Gibraltar, and offers bettors to bet to their hearts content on NFL and a wide range of other sporting events.

With great wagering value, incredible software and bonuses to boot, you can’t go wrong when betting at one of the world’s biggest online sports betting sites.

5. Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes is another UK-based online betting site that is listed on the London Stock Exchange. The site offers bettors exhilarating betting opportunities in just about every sport you can think of. The platform is great and offers multiple banking options making it easy to deposit or withdraw cash.

You’ll also be able to grab some great bonuses when you join the site. It is also the biggest bookmaker in the world.

6. Bovada

With fantastic software, an immersive variety of sports to bet on, and a 50% cash bonus, who wouldn’t want to join Bovada? It’s quite clear to see that the company aims to provide bettors with the best in online gaming experiences.

The best part is the fact that the platform is 100% responsive, so you can play on just about any device you want to.

Not sure whether you can legally bet on sports in your state yet? Check out this report before signing up at any of our selected online betting sites.

5 Easy NFL Betting Strategies You Should Know About

football play

Gambling and sports betting is built on the premise of luck, yet having a strategy can mean the difference between winning or losing. The same goes for betting on NFL. You need to have ample knowledge about the game and teams, and have a strategy to keep you grounded.

In this article, we’ll highlight five of our best strategies that will get you started.

#1 Bet with your Head

If you are a big football fan and you support your team passionately, this may be an issue for you that you need to be aware of. While it’s good to show support, you’ll need to remain logical while placing bets. Never lose sight of facts and figures.

football helmet - 5 Easy NFL Betting Strategies You Should Know About

#2 Know Who is Sitting Out

Have there been any injuries during the season? Is anyone not going to be in the game today? These are the things you should be able to answer automatically. You need to know what exactly the dynamics of the team is before you even think about placing a bet.

#3 Know Your Teams

In saying so, we’re not saying you have to know the score of each game, you’ll have to know everything about every team. In other words, you need to know which player is playing, what their strong and weak points are, and how they have performed in similar conditions in the past.

hometeam - 5 Easy NFL Betting Strategies You Should Know About

#4 Know the Venue

This falls with knowing the team and team dynamics. If a specific team has a longstanding history for performing well at a specific venue, it can always play a role in betting and oddsmaker’s odds. You’ll need to know the ins and outs of every tiny detail before you place an informed bet.

#5 Know Types of Bets

And last but not least, you need to have a firm grip on the different types of bets out there. Do your homework and understand how bookmakers set odds, how each bet works, and the differences between them.

Apart from having a great betting strategy, you also need to have a bit of betting savvy. Even though a lot of bettors have made a killing in sports betting, it remains a gamble.

NFL Betting 101: A Little Exercise in Introducing NFL Betting

american football - NFL Betting 101: A Little Exercise in Introducing NFL Betting

Are you new to the world of online NFL betting? While it is a very exciting and fun pastime, it’s always best to know what you are getting yourself in for. The key to making the most out of your online betting experience is knowing all you need to know. Needless to say, it will take some exercise in getting used to.

In this post we’ll walk you through the basics on how to get started with online NFL betting. Your very own little gym before hitting the football betting scene.

1. Find a Suitable NFL Sports Betting Site

First, you’ll need to select a sports betting site to join. While it may be a good idea to sign up at multiple sites, you still need to do your research first. Be sure to grab a good bonus and that you like what they have on offer.

2. Down with the Odds

As we mentioned, the best idea is to register with more than one site. Keep in mind that not all the NFL betting sites out there are going to offer you the same odds. The more you are registered with, the better the odds are.

strategy - NFL Betting 101: A Little Exercise in Introducing NFL Betting

3. Have a Strategy

Now, while sports betting is based on luck and a bit of knowledge, strategy also plays a role. You’ll need to come up with a strategy that will suit your needs but also put your bankroll in a better place than before.

4. Start Placing Bets

You will also need to familiarize yourself with different types of bets out there. While you will be able to bet on which team is going to win the Super Bowl, there are also a whole range of other types of bets. Before you start betting, get to know the differences.

man - NFL Betting 101: A Little Exercise in Introducing NFL Betting

Three Basic Straight Bets

Here we’ll take a quick look at the three common types of bets in NFL.

a) Moneyline

This type of bet is probably the most popular and the easiest and works on the basis that the bettor places a bet on whichever team he thinks is going to win.

b) Pointspread

A pointspread bet is very common in NFL betting and evens out the odds a bit. It gives each side equal opportunity to wager and win.

c) Totals

In totals, the bettor has to predict whether or not the oddsmaker’s predicted total score is going to be over or under the actual score.

And that covers the basics. Remember that betting is a game of luck, and should be seen as such at all times. Do your research and get to know the teams before going all in. But more importantly, have fun!