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7-elevenFrom its start in 1927, 7-Eleven® has been the recognized leader in convenience retail, quickly growing into a dominant force in the marketplace that consumers and investors alike are eager to be a part of today. When people think of the 7-Eleven brand, it goes beyond convenience. In our 85 years, we have evolved into one of the strongest known brands in the world.

Our continued success comes in large part from our iconic products — which have become an integral part of American culture — and our new line of fresh food items delivered to every store daily.  The brand affinity among consumers combined with our industry-leading support and proven business system, make the 7-Eleven franchising opportunity the right choice for both experienced operators and those new to franchising.

At 7-Eleven, we’re always seeking improvements that differentiate us from the competition and drive improved sales and profits.  We’re reinvesting in our people and our business so we can innovate to an even greater extent and continue to meet the needs of our customers, and the goals of our franchisees, well into the future.  This is why 7-Eleven was chosen as one of AllBusiness’s Top 5 Franchises for 2012.

What began in a small ice storefront in Texas has grown into a network of over 48,000 stores in 16 countries.  On average, a new 7-Eleven store opens every three and a half hours.


*Innovative supply chain, iconic product line and industry-leading support are all designed to maximize store profitability*Over 85 years of experience in the convenience retail industry

*Focus on multi-unit ownership to help existing franchisees expand, and new franchisees to have a stronger start

*Local community support through involvement with organizations like Feeding America


*Legendary brand recognition

*Local approach to product selection means that each store is stocked with items focused on the needs of each store’s consumer market

*Gross profit split with no royalty on top-line sales

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