PAFI is a platform for professional athletes to explore the world of opportunities available within the franchise industry, providing education and information about the rules of engagement and mutual responsibilities that are inherent in the franchise business model.

PAFI’s goal is to bring awareness to the professional athlete community through, education, research and interaction with the franchise community. This goal will be accomplished with the involvement of franchisee, franchisor and franchise supplier members all playing active roles in developing this niche group of potential franchisees, franchisors and suppliers.

PAFI membership is open to all  member companies that share our vision, values, ethics and see the value proposition of aligning with this next generation of franchise industry professionals.

"PAFI is the bridge that connects the professional athlete community to the franchise industry through, education, research and interaction."

PAFI’s Mission

To advocate the value of the franchise industry to the professional athlete community while at the same time advocate the value of the athlete community to the franchising Industry.

  • Mission 1

    PAFI will provide a centralized platform for athletes seeking to get involved in the franchise industry and franchisors interested in getting involved with the professional athlete community.

  • Mission 2

    PAFI will serve as a hub of education, research and interaction for the professional athletes and franchisors seeking a synergistic relationship.

  • Mission 3

    PAFI will exist as both a virtual tool and a real world bridge between professional athletes and the franchise industry