Godfather’s Pizza

About Godfather’s Pizza


From the very beginning, Godfather’s Pizza has had a unique recipe for success, which involves exceptional product, people and partners.



This winning formula first came together in Omaha, NE back in 1973.  That’s when two neighboring establishments knocked down the wall that once separated them and began selling a great-tasting and most abundantly topped pizza in the industry called “Godfather’s Pizza”.

Product: Our pizzas start with the highest quality ingredients available.  We carefully combine these high quality ingredients to create a pizza that not only looks good, but tastes great!

People: We believe that in order to succeed we need employees who are talented, dedicated, and most importantly, passionate about pizza.

Partners: We take commitments seriously, and because of this, we choose our partners carefully.  This approach has resulted in several long-term business partnerships that are based on a strong foundation with a shared desire to help each other succeed.


  • *Most abundantly-topped pizza  
  • *100% real cheese 
  • *In house production facilities  
  • *New gorgeous décor package 
  • *Partnership with Boys Town 


  • *Many markets available
  • *6% royalty fee
  • *No marketing fee
  • *Godfather character
  • *Customized marketing available

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07_godfatheroffice_1000-300x222Dave Gartlan | Director of Franchise Development

dgartlan@godfathers.com | 402-255-2572

Website: www.godfathers.com