The program was developed by Coliseum Enterprises LLC (Coliseum) following the development of the first annual AAG | IFA Franchise Summit for Allied Athlete Group in partnership with the International Franchise Association. The Franchise Summit was a program built to introduce the interested professional athlete to the basic architecture that supports the franchise industry. It was hosted at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School July 15th, 2010. It’s athlete attendees where educated by a team of supporting franchisors and suppliers.  Following the successful summit Coliseum began to lay the initial plans and groundwork for PAFI. Through strategic relationships Coliseum plans to position PAFI as a resource for player associations, agencies and other firms that serve as resources to the professional athlete community.

Coliseum Enterprises LLC. (Coliseum) is a specialty marketing and business development firm that looks to maximize and assist companies in maximizing the benefit gained from the appeal of sports and entertainment worldwide.

PAFI is launching as an initiative under the management of Coliseum Enterprises for the benefit of partnering entities; however, its growth will be organic as Coliseum will allow the industry to respond to its positioning before it’s form is more clearly defined.