Interested Athlete

If you are interested in franchising, start with PAFI.

If you are a current or former professional athlete PAFI is a resource for you. PAFI will provide educational programming, information about opportunities and introduction to a wealth of resources within the franchise community. If you are interested in recieving our latest info and monthly news updates please fill out the form on the link below.

 Education. PAFI will host an annual franchise Summit that will serve as a great tool to build an early understanding of the franchise industry. PAFI will also be building a series of educational programs geared towards educating the professional athlete about the preparing he or she to become a success.

Information. PAFI has created PAFI Press as a tool to keep the professional athlete informed and in the loop when it comes to new concepts, franchise law, financing tips and best practices. We will also inform our readership about other athletes that have built success in the franchise world. PAFI will be a information resource for any athlete interested in either beginning his or her move into franchising or freshening up his or her already existing franchise knowledge base.

Interaction. PAFI will have a series of events that allow a beginner franchise to network and get to know the players in the franchise industry. These events will be focused on education and networking and allow the professional athlete to navigate an industry that is has a tried and true gameplan.

Please submit your contact information on the form below if you would like to be in the know when PAFI launches programming or hosts educational events