Interested Business

If you are interested in franchising, start with PAFI.

PAFI  is simple. We have 2 ways to affiliate. Membership or Alliance Partnership. Within the membership category we have two types of memberships; Charter and standard membership.They each have a different level of commitment and  value proposition attached.  We are currently only accepting Charter Members. After our pilot year we will begin accepting standard membership.

Types of Partnerships

Alliance Partner. PAFI will continuously build its relationships with the associations and organizations that power the franchise industry. In the developing of these relationships PAFI’s primary interest is in finding ways to create a mutual value proposition. Our goal with our alliance relationships will be to speak our mission through the aligned mission of the Alliance Partner.

Charter Membership. The PAFI will be built by the dedication and involvement of its Charter members. Our advisory board and staff will use the Charter members as a test group  in the development of the PAFI value proposition. The charter member corporations will play a consistent role in the initiatives evolution.

Membership. PAFI will not open up standard membership until January 2012.