Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets




Johnny Rockets is an international restaurant chain that offers all-American food and fun. Every Johnny Rockets restaurant serves simple, great-tasting food from a menu of all-American favorites, including made-to-order Hamburgers, crispy American Fries, classic sandwiches and rich, delicious hand-spun shakes and malts. The dynamic lifestyle brand offers friendly service, upbeat music, twirled straws and dancing servers, contributing to the chain’s signature atmosphere of relaxed, casual fun.

The all-American theme is one that has proven to be universal and that leaps across all geographic and cultural boundaries. It easily translates into any language and relates to the best concepts of America, around the globe. Throughout the world, people appreciate the stereotypical home-cooked goodness of classic American comfort foods; smiling, outgoing service and a bright, clean, cheerful atmosphere.

With a 26-year heritage, Johnny Rockets is a strong brand that represents a solid business opportunity. Their success is attributed to ongoing innovation in food quality, customer service and convenience, as well as a proven business model, savvy marketers and ability to create a positive experience for guests of every age, every day of the week.

Johnny Rockets and its franchisees currently operate nearly 300 restaurants in the U. S. and more than 21 countries, including: Bahamas, Bahrain, Canada, Honduras, Kuwait, Mexico, Qatar, Turkey and United Arab Emirates.  Johnny Rockets is positioned, worldwide, to be a successful, enduring example of American innovation and culture for years to come.



*Global restaurant chain known for all-American food and fun

*Offers a variety of all-American favorites, including made-to-order Hamburgers, hand-spun Shakes and crispy American fries

*Established on the belief that everyone deserves a place where they can escape from today’s complicated world and experience the uncomplicated goodness of classic Americana

*26-years in business with nearly 300 global locations


*Time-tested brand, existing client base and high awareness level

*Wide demographic base with universally appealing theme

*Lively atmosphere and flexible menu of American favorites

*Business model is simple and conducive to a variety of footprints in a wide range of venues

*Corporate Support in the areas of development, purchasing, operations, training and marketing