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Our approach to partnership……

PAFI serves as a partnership between two very different industries.  Our approach to growing our initiative is through the creation of strong partnerships built on mutual value exchange. We have crafted different partnership platforms for franchise industry and sports industry organizations and firms to attach themselves to. Together our combined efforts will form as the incubator for PAFI’s growth.

Why partner with the Professional Athlete……..?

85275294-150x150PAFI is a program birthed from a need to fill a void in the post career transition of the professional athlete. It will grow to become a global resource for professional athletes looking to develop a 2nd career after retirement. With our basic value proposition to the professional athlete being education, information and interaction with the franchise community PAFI will serve as a central point of research for the professional athlete.

Diversity. The professional athlete community is a very diverse landscape of men and women from all backgrounds and experiences, mirroring the ever changing landscape of customer and end users of the franchisor’s products and services.

Financial Ability. The professional athlete has access to capital and financing even in a down economy. In comparison to the average dentist with a salary of $180,000 per year and the average CEO with a salary of $600,000 the average NFL athlete makes $1,500,000 per years and the average NBA athlete makes $5,000,000 per year.

Age. In comparison to the average professional retiring at 55; the average athlete retires at 28 and still has plenty of time to seed a second career, developing into successful multi-unit franchisees.   They, potentially, represent a   new wave of multi-unit franchisees.

Past Career. Even though franchising is all about building the brand, with a strongly recognized, popular franchisee driving that brand locally, his new business venture will receive a tremendous kick start and generate much more than ordinary level s of local PR.