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LighterLife has helped hundreds of thousands of people to lose weight, improve their health, have more energy and feel better about themselves. Lighterlife is fast, simple, safe and effective.

LighterLife is so much more than a diet plan. The program combines low calorie or very-low-calorie diets with regular group behavioral counseling from qualified LighterLife weight-management professionals. Clients attend single-sex group meetings so activities can be targeted effectively. Counselors help participants to examine and understand their relationship with food and show how, using tools such as cognitive behavioral therapy and transactional analysis techniques, they can modify their behavior and develop strategies for long-term healthy weight management.

Obesity is a global epidemic and we know that our tried and trusted program can help millions of men and women across the world. The potential market for LighterLife in the United States alone is huge, with over 160 million people being classified as overweight or obese. We want to work with high caliber individuals who are motivated by community and individual well being, healthcare and long term financial security. This is why we are so enthusiastic about our Charter Membership of the PAFI – knowing that we will be associating with people who share our values and long term goals.


• LighterLife Total is a very-low-calorie diet for obese clients.

• LighterLife Lite is a low-calorie diet for overweight clients. It combines nutritionally balanced soups, shakes and bars with a meal of conventional but low carbohydrate food.

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques offer clients a practical and effective way of dealing with many of life’s problems.

• Transactional Analysis techniques outline the different ways clients relate and communicate with others.


• LighterLife places a high priority on evidence-based practice and regularly presents research about its weight-loss and weight management programs at international obesity conferences.

• We have our own International Expert Medical Advisory Board to provide guidance and ensure best practices.

• LighterLife changes lives for good.

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Paul Merrifield | International Manager