PAFI Charter Membership

PAFI Charter Membership (defined)

PAFI is a membership based initiative. It’s members  represent corporations that see a value proposition in partnering with the professional athlete community. Each member corporation that joins the initiative before the February launch will sign the original PAFI charter in Dallas.

PAFI Charter Members. The PAFI will be built by the dedication and involvement of its Charter members.  The charter member corporations will play a consistent role in the initiatives evolution.

Understandings that each partnering organization must have:

  1. A clear value proposition in aligning with PAFI’s mission.
  2. A vision of the professional athlete’s value as a potential franchisee, spokesperson,  national and regional marketing tool and/or distributor.
  3. An understanding of  the fact that it will take time to build the trust and participation from the professional athlete community.
  4. An understanding of the fact that it will take time to build the trust and participation from the franchise community.
  5. An understanding that Charter members are not joining the initiative at a point of clear value proposition and our contribution will help define them.
  6. Charter Members not merely a customer of  the PAFI membership, but a development partner in the creation of PAFI membership.
  7. An understand of the 2 year plan and a willingness to play an active role in helping PAFI achieve it.

Type of companies: Franchisors, Suppliers, Distributors, Franchise Professionals,etc….