We’re pleased to announce that RetroFitness has signed on to participate in The PAFI Discovery Day HQ Tour. The PAFI Discovery Day HQ Tour is a pilot program that we will be launching in Early 2016. The program offers athletes an opportunity to learn about a specific brand through a direct invitation issued by PAFI. Retro Fitness will host an pro-athlete center Discovery Day experience in March 2016.retro-fitness
The PAFI Discovery Day Tour is the first step in discovering a brand and engaging its executive team in a candid conversation about life as a franchisee. The Discovery Day visit is designed to offer professional athletes a clear and refined process for understanding the assets needed to become a successful franchisee.
Retro Fitness is a high value, innovative fitness model with strong-unit economics and streamlined operations that is on track to grow to 300 locations by 2016. A strategic membership price point of $19.99 per month and state of the art equipment attracts new and experienced exercisers of all ages while ancillary offerings like Retro Blends Smoothie Bar, personal training, child care, group fitness, pro shop and tanning services.
We are seeking additional Discovery Day Partners for the pilot program. As a Discovery Day Partner you will host a small group of athletes to visit your headquarters, learn about your concept and to meet the people who’ll be supporting them should they join your franchise system. PAFI will send out the invitations to the event and provide a registration portal.
If you’re interested in participating or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at admin@thepafi.org to learn more.