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senior-helper-logo-300x113Would you like to own a business servicing an exploding demographic? The U.S. Census Bureau projects that there will be a substantial increase in the number of seniors between 2010 and 2030, after the first baby boomers turn 65 in 2011.

Senior Helpers is a national leader in professional in home assistance services. Our specialty is experienced and compassionate in home, non-medical senior care that enables our clients to live independently in their own home.

Our franchise business opportunity provides essential senior companion and personal services in the United States, Australia and Canada. We are offering this excellent business opportunity to select individuals who possess the desire to own their own company and earn an excellent living while helping members of their community.


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Jason Wiedder

Director of Franchise Sales

Phone: 909-948-9529

Fax: 815-346-9545




* The market for our services is growing every day and will continue to do so at an accelerated rate for the next 30 years.

* Our proven business model generates recurring revenue and is not subject to economic cyclicality.

* We represent the next generation of home care services; offering unique and specific services that not only do more to help our clients and their families, but distinguish us from other home care companies.

* Owning a Senior Helpers franchise allows you to give back to your community by helping others while providing an excellent business opportunity for you

* Senior Helpers on Fox Business Network: In a recent piece of Fox, Senior Helpers was one of five growing, national companies identified to be currently hiring. Specific positions mentioned were nursing assistants, caregivers, and community relations coordinators.


* Senior Helpers University – An organized,multifaceted program designed to address the training needs of new franchise owners, existing franchise owners, franchisee support staff and our caregivers. It has been developed both internally by our Vice President of Training and Development and by using external subject matter experts.

* Ongoing Training – We continually offer updated trainings through “webinars”, conference calls, written modules, flash tutorials and other media so you can learn according to your schedule. We also provide module based training to our caregivers so they can enhance their skills to deliver superior customer service.

For new owners – When your franchise is awarded you will start your training with some orientation to familiarize you with our program. Then, we will take you through a very comprehensive and detailed pre-opening task list that is closely tied to your training. Finally, you will be guided through to your training in our corporate offices for a period of 5 days in Baltimore, Maryland to offer you the tools you need to successfully operate your business and through to your on-site visit.