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tbc-logo-2013-rdbk-300x112You’ve earned your title in the sports world. Now earn it in the business world. TITLE Boxing Club® is the perfect match for professional athletes like you. The very qualities that made you a successful athlete – physical fitness, leadership ability and great communication skills – will make you a successful club owner. With 140 TITLE Boxing Clubs currently open in the U.S. and Mexico, and over 500 franchises sold, TITLE Boxing Club is one of the most successful and fastest growing fitness chains in the nation.

When you own a TITLE Boxing Club franchise, you’ll be serving a high-achieving clientele who want and expect a more intense workout experience than they can get at their local gym. All they need is somebody like you – an inspiring world-class athlete who knows how to motivate people. Someone passionate about fitness who can push them to be their very best. Someone who has the credibility that comes from having performed on some of the sports world’s biggest stages.

As a franchise owner, you won’t be going it alone either. You’ll be supported by an experienced “coaching staff” that has the game plan, the resources, and the systems in place to ensure you have all the tools for success. Our brand playbook will give you the training and tools you need to help your members reach their full potential – all while enjoying ongoing financial success and a high-profile role as a fitness leader in your community.



*One of the fastest growing fitness chains in the nation

*Over 500 franchises sold (140 currently open in the U.S. and Mexico)

*Multiple earning streams through enrollment fees, membership dues, personal training fess and retail sales

*Overhead is low and opportunities for profit are high



*Partnered with one of the largest boxing equipment and merchandise suppliers in the world, TITLE Boxing

*Partnerships with sports brand leaders NIKE®, Under Armour® and Gatorade®

*Edgy and sophisticated, appealing to a predominately professional female and male demographic

*Community-centered environments that are supportive, welcoming, friendly, clean and safe


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Shemy Schembechler

Director of Strategic Recruiting

Phone: (734) 418-7976

Phone: 888.495.CLUB (2582)

Franchise Sales Website:www.titlefranchise.com

Company Website: www.titleboxingclub.com